We manufacture Muti-core and Multi-pair High Temperature cables required in Electronics, Automation, Signal transmission and Equipment Control applications.

We are offering following constructions for Multi-core and Multi-pair PTFE Cables:

  • PTFE/PTFE/SS Braid
  • PTFE/ PTFE or Polymide Isolator/ Shielding/ PTFE
  • PTFE/ PTFE/ Varnished Fibre Glass
  • PTFE/PTFE/ Shielding1
  • PTFE/Fibre Glass/ PTFE
  • Multi-Pair Cables with individually shielding
  • PVC or Silicon Jacket is also provided on requirement.

And many more constructions for cables as per customer requirements and applications.

Shielding Material: Silver Plated Copper (SPC), Nickel Plated Copper (NPC), Stainless Steel (SS) and              Annealed Bare Copper (ABC)

We offer wide range of color coding with Single and Bi Colors for above cable constructions.

Voltage Grade: Type “ET” (250V), Type “E” (600V) and Type “EE” (1000V)

Advantages of PTFE Cables:

  • Flexible
  • Less Overall Diameter
  • Fire and Flame Proof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Corona Resistant
  • Long life
  • RoHS and Resistant to UV rays.